Rosebud has been offering its quality education services to primary students since 2004. Rosebud is accredited by Hong Kong SAR government and it also has International accreditation. The school produces graduates who have no difficulty in being admitted to international as well as local government secondary schools.

Moreover, following the local and international curriculum, we provide education with the high emphasis on the exclusively English medium of instruction in the core subjects. Rosebud provides an international environment, welcoming students from all nationalities. The multi-national composition of our students from more than twenty countries provides a fertile and rich environment for pupils to interact with and experience different cultures. Because of the diversity, there is a wide range of extra-curricular activities to cater for their needs. Rosebud is the place where different cultures express their values and interact with other cultures’ values. We highly value the diverse interests of our students. 

Rosebud Primary School follows –student-centred- with a project-based learning curriculum where every child’s need is addressed with care due to its highly qualified and experienced local and foreign faculty. Along with highly qualified faculty, Rosebud offers Teaching Assistants in classes to support students learning. With the help of our school psychologist, we discover the individuality in each child and help them adapt to the society and understand their inner world as well. In this aspect allows students to build strength, confidence, independence, and happiness within their character. With latest multi-media equipment like smart boards and state of the art iMac, Computer Lab promotes more independent and creative learning. Rosebud has continuously invested in up-to-date classroom technology so that each student is trained to be a future world citizen. Along with the education and facilities, Rosebud ensures a friendly, supportive and secure environment.