Rosebud Primary School is run by a charitable non-profit organization called Ease
Education Limited. It was established in Hong Kong SAR in 2004. Ease Education
Limited is dedicated to high-quality education. Rosebud Primary School is a private
independent school offering the Cambridge International Curriculum focusing on English,
Mathematics, Science, Technology, Social Studies, Chinese, and Arts; with a further
emphasis on Character Education with universal common values. Rosebud Primary
School offers reduced class sizes with no more than 20 students, guaranteeing
personalized attention for each student within a rigorous and innovative educational
program. Rosebud brings a family atmosphere creating a safe, free and happy
environment for children, thus promoting a lifelong love of learning. We believe that
happy children are self-confident and will have the potential to achieve success.

Happy Education – Happy Child – Happy Future.

  • At Rosebud Primary School, we believe each child is unique and lessons are differentiated to reflect the needs and development of each student. 

  • We focus on the holistic development of each child. This includes the development of intellectual, mental, physical, emotional, and social abilities enabling our students to thrive when facing the demands and challenges of everyday life.

  • We aim to nurture our students into productive and morally upright human beings. We have character education classes that aim to inculcate in our students the universal values of; Respect, Honesty, Responsibility, Kindness, Equality, Tolerance, Friendship, Loyalty, and Fairness.

  • Diverse teaching strategies taking into account the learning styles of the students.

  • Learning activities include both cooperative learning (groups) and individual projects.

  • Small class sizes allow for individual attention.

  • Our students learn to think critically and use knowledge in a meaningful way.

  • Individual support programs offered for students in key learning areas.