Rosebud Primary School is run by a charitable non-profit organization called Ease Education Limited. It was established in Hong Kong SAR in 2004. Ease Education Limited is dedicated to high-quality education. Founders of Ease Education Limited are educators and businessmen who believe the importance of education is a community responsibility.

Rosebud Primary School is a private independent school offering an International and Local primary curriculum focusing on English, Mathematics, Science, Technology, Social Studies, Chinese, Arts and lay emphasis on Character Education with universal common values. Rosebud Primary School delivering reduced classes, no more than 20 students, guarantees personalized attention for each student with a rigorous and innovative educational program. Rosebud brings a family atmosphere creating a safe, free and happy environment for children thus promoting a lifelong love of learning. We believe that happy children are self-confident and will have potential to achieve success.

Happy Education – Happy Child – Happy Future.

In Rosebud Primary School, each child is being served as an individual basis focused on the personal and social development of each student, based on our school values: Respect, Honesty, Responsibility, Kindness, Equality, Tolerance, Friendship, Loyalty, and Fairness. Learning activities include both cooperative learning (groups) and individual projects. Every child makes a special contribution here, and our small classes allow each child to be seen as a unique with his or her own learning style and pattern of growth. Our students learn to pay attention, concentrate on tasks and use knowledge meaningfully, and remember the facts and ideas necessary for achievement. Early identification of students with special needs is a high priority; such students are nominated for support where applicable.  This may include remedial sessions or other student services in speech pathology, integration, educational and psychological assessments.  Support programs are conducted for individual students who need extension or acceleration in various key learning areas. We motivate our students through individual attention, intensive counseling, and after-school programs that address their individual learning styles. We expect them to recognize the value of commitment and effort, and to strive toward their highest levels of capability.