School Sponsoring Body (SSB)

School Management Committee (SMC)

The School Management Committee will be responsible for:

• The general policies of the school;

• Approving and monitoring of the school’s annual budget;

• Receipt of funds for the operation of the School in accordance with the Education Ordinance (Chapter 279);

• Solicitation and receipt of grants and donations consistent with the mission of the school;

• Hiring the school’s Principal, Teachers, and Staff;

• Approving the school’s personnel policies and monitoring the implementation of these policies by the Principal, Teachers, and Staff or duly constituted committees; and

• Any other responsibilities provided for in the Articles of Association or other related regulations;

• Ensuring that the activities of the school are full in alignment with the mission of the school;

• Attending the Board Meeting;

• Reviewing all materials received prior to each meeting; serving on one or more Board sub-committees.

RBPS will be governed by a School Management Committee (SMC) whose ultimate responsibility is to uphold the mission of the Rosebud Primary School by providing for the well being of the institution in the present as well as the future. The Board protects the public interest and upholds the public trust by applying the highest standards of service in governing the school according to its by-laws, and relevant government statutes. It is the duty of the SMC to make plans, establish policies, and assess the performance of the school as a whole. The Board also bears ultimate responsibility for the school’s finances and physical plant. The Board must also identify, select, work with, support and evaluate the RBPS Principal, who is the professional educational leader of the school as well as its administrator. In order to successfully undertake all these responsibilities, the Board will organize, manage, and assess itself in an efficient, business-like manner.

  1. Academic Policy: Review curriculum to ensure compliance with the mission of the school; recommend policy changes to the SSB where appropriate; participate in the development of program development and evaluation.

  2. Personnel: Recommend job description to the SSB; review Head of School recommendations for hiring and firing employees and make recommendations to the SSB; and provide advice on personnel matters to the SSB and the Head of School.

  3. Community Relations: Seek out the active involvement of community; act as a liaison between Board, staff, parents, volunteers, town, and community to ensure smooth operation of the school; plan social events; oversee a strong home-school communication program.

  4. Finance: Prepare annual operating and capital budgets for approval by the SSB; review monthly actual revenues and expenditures of the operating, capital, and enterprise activities and present same to the SSB; prepare procedures to be performed by the audit sub-committee and review reports by this sub-committee for approval by the Management Committee; and provide advice on financial matters to the Management Committee and the Head of School.

  5. Facilities And Equipment: Determine space and equipment needs and costs associated therewith; negotiate lease; ensure compliance with all regulations; develop plans for any necessary renovations to the site; monitor ongoing compliance with regulations; and oversee maintenance of building and equipment.