Rosebud Primary School enables students to achieve academic excellence while being encouraged to be global citizens who promote global peace through equity, innovation, diversity, integrity, self-respect, and care for the community and environment.

Our vision is to become an exemplary comprehensive educational institute at both national and international scales by:

  • Implementing the best educational practices;

  • Educating our students as global citizens and leaders who will contribute to world peace and respect for diversity;

  • Forging strong bonds with the outer as well as the inner community.

Rosebud Primary School aims at educating each of its students to be:

  • A responsible and principled individual who is respectful and caring towards self and others;

  • A successful and independent learner who accepts challenges and uses inquiry and critical thinking to gain knowledge;

  • A global citizen and leader who can communicate effectively with an open mind and multilingual skills.

Rosebud Primary School inspires its students to strive for excellence in all aspects of their development – academic, artistic, social and physical – by providing the best possible learning environment that combines a well-balanced curriculum with extra-curricular activities. Rosebud Primary School also challenges its students to think critically, to explore knowledge, to question facts upon finding them, to make responsible decisions and to approach learning with enthusiasm.

The curriculum at Rosebud Primary School is designed to equip students with lifelong learning skills and a strong knowledge base. We focus on creativity, problem-solving and collaboration skills. The curriculum we use integrates the British curriculum, International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and Hong Kong Curriculum to achieve these goals. We also provide the STEM Education (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).