Do not miss your chance to have great summer holidays with us!!!

We are happy to inform you that summer school application is open for all children 5 to 12 years old. We hope your kids will enjoy their summertime joining our summer school. It will be about edutainment (education+entertainment).

Please feel free to invite your relatives and friends to join our summer school program. It’s open for everyone.Registration is open from today.

For registration, please email us at your child’s full name,grade,school name,your mobile number and name of the courses you want him/her to join.

You can make payment by cash or by bank transfer.





  • 1250 HKD
  • 2250 HKD
  • 4250 HKD


  • 2250 HKD
  • 4250 HKD
  • 8250 HKD

Get your kid’s brain buzzing!

Children will enjoy table-top games (and other fun ones) and get a chance to learn some English in a stress-free environment. Besides, why not develop some great skills such as cooperation, problem solving, decision making and logical thinking?

All the world’s a stage!

Wasn’t the Bard right? If your child is artistically minded, if being ‘overly dramatic’ describes them best, then this course is a perfect fit. To sign up or not to sign up? We will answer this one positively for you. Look no further and join in!

“…Involve me and I learn”

Sages had a point there – DIY is a great way to produce a lasting positive effect. It also enhances some great life skills such as communicating for meaning, concentration, determination and goal setting. Sign up to help your child fine-tune their motor skills and finger dexterity as well as boost hand-eye coordination.

Language is fun!

A native speaker and trained teacher will inspire young learners to have daily Mandarin conversations. A journey full of ‘Wow!’ moments to discover Chinese character meanings will surely augment their experience. Songs and minidramas will make a great icing on this linguistic cake.

An all-in-one course for those with science-y minds

Enquiry-based learning while completing project-based tasks is aimed at promoting thoughtfulness, cooperation, resourcefulness and adaptability. Inquisitive minds will enjoy exploring mysteries of life and discovering answers to those through an explosive mix of science, arts & crafts and games.

Let your kid’s music skills be music to your ears!

A trained teacher-musician will take children on an enjoyable musical journey, where your child can get to know more about solfège notes and rhythm through singing and playing music games.

Let story characters leap off pages screen!

The course is a great chance for tech-savvy kids to literally interact with their favourite books on a brand new ‘digital’ level. It comes with some perks of improving their self-confidence, presentation skills as well as logical thinking.

Language is fun!

Are you looking for a place to help your child learn English and have fun at the same time? Rest assured – we have it covered for you. Let them play games and practise their speaking with our fun activities.