Math & English Contest

Math & English Contest

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We cordially invite,

Welcome to the 2016,17 Inter-Primary School Math & English Contest (MEC).

The contest itself will consist of a 50minute test.  All participants will be recognized and presented with a certificate and outstanding students will receive awards for their performances.Your students are invited to participate in the English and Mathematics Contest at Rosebud Primary School.

The primary goals of the program are to stimulate interest and achievement in English and Mathematics among K3 to Primary 5th grade students throughout Hong Kong, and provide recognition of outstanding young English learners, mathematicians, their dedicated teachers and schools.

The contest will be held on March 25, 2017, in two sessions from 10:00 am to 11:00 am and from 13:00 pm to 14:00 pm on the premises of Rosebud Primary School. We would like to emphasize that there is no fee charged to your students or to your school for participation. However, registration on line is required since space is limited. This year’s contest is limited to 200 students. Consequently, registration will be open until we reach that number, then it will be closed.

Criteria for Entering MEC

• All Hong Kong Primary students except for current Rosebud Primary School students are eligible for MEC.

• All applicants are allowed to apply for one session and one level only.

• K3 students are allowed to apply for Primary 1 level Competition.

Before sitting MEC

• You should bring along your own stationeries (including pencil for multiple choice answer sheet.)

• You should make sure that articles such as notes, books and all kinds of electronic / communication devices (e.g. PDA, mobile phones, pagers, MP3 players, electronic dictionaries, databank watches) are taken out from your pockets and remain switched off during examination.

After entering the examination room

• You should maintain absolute silence and should not speak to other candidates nor disturb them.

• You will be given a question booklet with a multiple choice (MC) answer sheet for each examination session. If there is any discrepancy, ask the invigilator immediately.

• When you receive your question booklet, check the front cover to ensure that it is the correct paper for that examination session. If you are in doubt, ask the invigilator.

• You should not turn over pages of the question booklet and should not start working until you are instructed to do so.

• If you have to go to the toilet during the examination you should raise your hand to alert the invigilator.

• You are advised to bring your own watch.  The invigilator will only announce the actual starting and finishing times of each examination session.

• You should stop writing when the announcement “Stop work and put your pencils down” is made.

• You should only leave the examination room when instructed by the invigilator.

 Important reminders

• You will receive a question booklet, and a MC answer sheet for each examination session.

• You should write your personal information such as (names, year, level and date of birth etc.) in the appropriate spaces provided on your MC answer sheet

• Correctly in the corresponding rectangles / ovals on the answer sheets.

• Your personal information which you have written on the MC answer sheets will be shown on your student reports and certificates.

• You should follow instructions printed on the cover page of the question booklet.

• For the MC questions, use the information provided to choose the BEST answer from the possible options.

• Fill in the rectangle that matches your answer on your MC answer sheet.

• Use a pencil to mark the answers on the MC answer sheet. Wrong marks must be completely erased with a clean eraser.

• You will score no marks for marking more than one answer to the same question. Answers written on the question booklet or on the margin  of the MC answer sheet  will not be marked.

• As you fill in an answer, check to see that you are answering the right question.

• Subsequent requests for special consideration regarding this kind of wrongly completed MC answer sheet will not be entertained after candidates have left the examination room.

 Certificates awarded

Certificates are awarded to all candidates according to their level of achievement as follows:

High Distinction: Top 1% of entrants

Distinction: Next 10% of entrants

Credit: Next 25% of entrants

Participation: Award to all other participants