According to researchers, one of the keys to successful teaching and schooling is creating personal connections with students inside and outside of school. One of the contributions of Rosebud Primary School to Hong Kong education is the support to its teachers to conduct home visits to establish better communication between home and the school. This was an opportunity for the school to thank the students who were successful in social and cultural areas. Teachers send appointment letters with students to the parents. Parents fill the appointment letters and the teachers visit them according to parent’s convenient time. During the visits, a positive conversation is held, discussing the improvements that can be done. These visits benefit the parents since they will gain a better idea about the school’s educational policy. Teachers benefit as well as the teachers see their students in their home environment. Through these meetings, closer cooperation between home and school can be achieved through different dimensions. A typical home visit usually last between 20-40 minutes and it is voluntary for both teachers and the parents. After these visits, we were seeing positive changes that reflected the student and his family’s approach to the school. The families have often begun to visit us, to participate more actively in school activities and in the end, they cooperated more closely with the problems of our school. Home visits received a warm welcome from the parents.