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Rosebud Spirit Week

16-20 November 2020

Rosebud is holding it’s seventh annual Spirit Week!   This means children will have the chance to dress in creative ways for a whole week!  Classes will be competing with each other in their creativity.  The most creative students will be receiving an award.

Let’s show some Rosebud School Spirit!

The following is the schedule with guidelines.

Please go over these with your child/children so they are clear on the guidelines.



16 Nov

Sleepy (Pyjama) Day

Must be 2 pieces (top and bottom); may bring favourite cuddly toy.


17 Nov

Crazy hair day

MUST WEAR SCHOOL UNIFORM.  Any creative hair outfit – ie, spikes, colour, wigs, etc, ARE allowed (and encouraged!).  No masks or skin/face paint are allowed.


18 Nov

Professional Day

Do you want to be a teacher? A sports person?  A police officer? This is your chance to come in your favourite professional outfit!


19 Nov

Class colour war day

** The colour is determined ahead of time by the class.  Your class teacher will announce your child’s class colour today.  At least one piece of clothing should be of the assigned colour**

Scoring criteria: each student will be given one point for each item of clothing in the correct colour – i.e., 1 point for the top, 1 point for skirt /shorts /trousers, 1 point for socks, and 1 point for shoes.  Up to 4 points per student will be awarded.  The class with the highest average wins.


20 Nov

Dress to impress day

Wear your best outfit!

General Guidelines:

No casual wear, except when sticking to the theme (will be further clarified below).

No sandals or flip-flops.  Only closed shoes are allowed.

Must be able to participate in classes as normal – if the outfit or uniform interferes with classes or PE, then it can’t be worn, or must be changed at school.

Students will be allowed to change into their outfit or special clothing at school, if they do not want to be seen walking to school in their crazy outfit!

–       If they do this, they MUST come in school uniform (normal or PE), and then change.

–       As long as they arrive with enough time to do this before classes begins, it will be allowed.

–       They will not be allowed to change during classes, only in-between classes.

All normal rules apply – late / unexcused absences, etc.  Classes are normal – there is no change.

Any dress/outfit that is deemed inappropriate or excessively distracting to others or distracting to the student in their studies may be required to change.

Any costume that is dangerous, has external parts (sword, long pieces hanging on the floor, etc) is not allowed.

If a student doesn’t participate, they need to wear their school uniform as normal.  


1) Best class participation for the ‘Class colour war day’ will win a prize or award – as a whole class.

2) Best individual student from the lower school (P1-P3) and upper school (P4-P6) for each day (except Thursday).

So encourage your children to participate!!!

Most Importantly, HAVE FUN!  Show your school spirit with creativity!

If you have any questions, please let us know.

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